Customized Calorie & Macros + Personalized Meal Plan

Customized Calorie & Macros + Personalized Meal Plan

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Assessing your body, your lifestyle and your food preferences, you will get a comprehensive meal plan complete with easy to make recipes and meal prep strategies - saving you time and lots of effort. Your body and your taste buds will thank you , thank you  and thank you again.

This package is perfect for the person new to flexible dieting. This will help you get accustomed to how flexible dieting works and what you need to know to make good food choices. It will take the think work out for you and guarantee success.

You get:

- 2 comprehensive body assessments - every 2 weeks
- A full meal plan based on body assessment results, life style and food preferences
- Recipes and suggested "cheat days and treats)
- Weekly client check-ins by me where we discuss your weight loss and meal plan
- An invitation to my online app with progress report complete with graphs, targets and time frames

- Progress reports complete with graphs, statistics and adjusted goals